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Lets talk more

I am quite shy, awkward and introverted at times, still breaking out of the shell you see. What made it worst was that the recent events in my life during the past year made me loose 80% of my friends. I am walking quite a lonely path at the moment, technology and social media appears to be a safe escape from this lonely venture. But this video reminded me of one of my personal goals and made me rethink the way I view things in life. I want to talk… Read more Lets talk more

Love Has No Labels

As I procrastinate away tonight and submerge myself in the deep ocean of the internet. I stumble upon a video that my friend posted on her page. And oh my my my, It touched my heart, made me smile and made me put aside all the troubles for the day!   Hope you are all having a beautiful week! Study hard, work hard  and love everyone <3!     Love has no labels!