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Learning & Mastery

Many things to do yet so little time. Isn’t it? I can write a book worth of stuff I want to do Haha. However, how many times have we tried to try something new but then failed throughout the course and just stop? I had a lot of moments of those, I wanted to learn to sing,  play piano and swim, I did it for a bit but after a while I just stopped. Maybe laziness kick in, not my passion or perhaps unwilling to sacrifice ?. So recently, I’ve… Read more Learning & Mastery

Love & Beauty

This morning I stumbled upon this video, my first thoughts were like “oh that’s cool,  we can do so much more things now”. But as I watched the video , I was mesmerized by the love and beauty the couple have.  The over pouring emotion that was shown in the video was just amazing to watch, the exchange of words and affection.It just urge me to give more love and appreciate people in my life more.  What a beautiful couple, I’m sure they will last long, I hope you all… Read more Love & Beauty