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prompt list 8/100

Composed |kəmˈpəʊzd| having one’s feelings and expression under control. 

How often are we in situations where our emotions and capabilities are tested.  Every time, everywhere we are tested, at work, school, when we are driving, walking, eating, talking.  Sometimes we let our expressions and feelings go out of control; seldom we remain composed.

I like to think myself as someone very well controlled and collected; I know how to put a facade in public and when required. However, sometimes I wish I didn’t, there are those situations where showing my anger and difference could’ve completely changed the course of the conversation or situation. Throughout my lifetime I have been enclosed, and quite, I sometimes think that affected the way I am today despite the fact that I want to take more action and advocate what I believe, the old habits still tries to embrace me. Whispering “don’t do anything,” “stay quite,” ” don’t look.”

I recently experience this when I was on the bus, there was this old lady (intoxicated) cursing and raging about the track works, and as usual, people looked at her with contempt and disgust.  Boarding the bus people chose to sit away from her, murmuring disgust about the lady as they walk away. Those eyes, so judgmental and belittling; I felt disgusted and sad. Then a young bloke comes and decided to sit next to her and mock her, tries to record her and talk back to the lady. And obviously the lady became enraged and within minutes was thrown out of the bus by the police ( she didn’t resist at all but obeyed the authority).

So where was I in that situation? I sat across her because I know she is just a normal person and she probably went through a lot of shit before she became like that (I hope). I watched as the situation unfold and play. Which made me feel miserable. The moment she got off the bus I had a moment of reflection which then followed by regret.  I run scenarios where I simply intervened and talked to her, about her day, about the husband that was waiting for her (she mentioned about that), I wish I bothered to start a conversation. It was only a short 15 minutes bus ride, I knew I could’ve easily maintained that conversation. Which could’ve resulted in a happy ending, where she is happy and the passengers are undisturbed. But I was afraid, what if the people look at me weirdly, what if she didn’t respond to my kindness and chose to humiliate me. Useless self-doubting thoughts. Oh, how I wish I pushed them away.

I have no idea what I am trying to say anymore, haha I just wanted to share this story and thought before it fades away. It thought me an important lesson to take more action and have a light heart.

I hope you are all having a great day. Sorry about this post, I am sure it is full of grammar mistake and incoherent. Haha!

-Briane R

Daily Gratitude Post: Day 8/20 Neccesities

I would like to say that I am grateful for I am lucky that I have access to the basic needs of life. Food, shelter and clothing. It is something I sometimes ignore and neglect to appreciate.

Seldom, I forget the fact that I have an abundant supply and access to these necessities, which makes me very fortunate and wealthy.

A lot of people don’t even have access to these necessities dirty water, poverty and a lot of other factors. Growing up in a third world country, I feel sorry for taking such things for granted. I apologise, I am incredibly grateful, and I am looking forward to the future, where I can return this gift and opportunity.

Don’t forget how luck you are ! We are blessed.

Stay safe and happy Friday.

Everyone be partying, but university life = exams . 😦

Briane R

1st post

Daily Gratitude Post: Day 5/20 Job

Working as a part-time and being a full-time student can be draining and exhausting sometimes. There are days where I approach my jobs in a very dreadful and unmotivated manner. However, I am incredibly grateful for this job. Without my job, I won’t be able to afford a lot of things such as my books, hobby, food and even this website.

My job has provided me with a lot of joy, and enabled me to explore places and experience adventures!

Thank you, the past and current jobs! Blessed the people who run them and continuously providing opportunities.

Hope you are all having a good day, have a good rest tonight and always look up.

How is your work life?

-Briane R

Day 1/ Intro



Daily Gratitude Post: Day 2/20

It is 1 am right now, just came home from my friend’s place. Had KFC, played poker and some games ( worst poker game I played for a long while haha!). Overall, it was a magnificent time. I wish I can just play games all day, have my old small sheltered life, playing games all day and eating everything I want. Oh, reality, adult life.

But yes yes, I am grateful. To a friend of mine Sim! He was the host for the event tonight. I would consider him a good friend, a best friend maybe?

I recently had a chance to know him more and developed a more troll friendship. I can safely declare that he is one of the few people that I will personally vouch for and support no matter what.  I am grateful for this guy! Cheers Sim! Thank you for always listening, thank you for taking all my insults. The past few months would’ve been a bit dull if you weren’t my friend.


Looking forward to the future, adventures and fights.


-Briane R

Daily Gratitude Post: Day 1/20 Mich

Gratitude:// The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness.

Yesterday, I discovered Habitica which is:

Habitica is a video game to help you improve real life habits. It “gamifies” your life by turning all your tasks (habits, dailies, and to-dos) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more you progress in the game. If you slip up in life, your character starts backsliding in the game.-

The game takes a lot of commitment and honesty. So far I am having fun, being a former MMORPG player, Habitica allows me to integrate productivity and amusement. Gushes of nostalgia every time I go to the website haha! But one of the best thing about the website is their online community, where people can converse, share stories and offer challenges. There I came across this gratitude challenge, where participants are encouraged or asked to post a pic/word/ or journal entry on a daily basis for twenty days. Also, you get experience, coins and of course, the feeling of appreciation which is priceless.

And here I am, this marks my day 1, and I shall name it Mich.

I am grateful for Mich because she was one of the people that I can say that sparked my life. Mich was one of my first few friends when I first arrived in Australia. Bubby, passionate and adorable, that’s a way to describe her.

The biggest influence she had in my life, was that she introduce me to her church and her cousin. Where I met my first spiritual family in Australia and experienced my first love (story for another time). That was six years ago, even though everything had changed now. And I left the old church and ended the young love. I am and will always be grateful to you, the past, the present and the future, it will never change, and I will never forget. We had our ups and downs, dramas and adventure. Nonetheless and whatever happens I am and will always be thankful. Thank you so much, Mich, Love you long time!

I hope you are all doing well! Don’t end a day without being grateful. It is a healthy and soothing feeling to sleep with.

Feel free to come and join me in this challenge. Rules are simple: post something you are grateful for (anything or anyone) daily, for the next 20 days haha! That is it.

Have a great weekend everyone!! And, What are you grateful for?


-Briane R

Video: What owning a ramen restaurant in japan is like


It was around 1 am last night, and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to start browsing on Youtube. And then I discovered this video, and it piqued my interest!
I used to work in a Japanese restaurant, where I experienced first hand how crazy Japanese people work (in a really good and inspiring way). They have a tough working culture, so depending on which perspective you look, it will either make you feel crap or inspire you to strive. I chose the latter :).

This video gives the viewers an introduction what it’s like to work in Japan or any Japnese oriented workplace. So prepare to get inspired and motivated! The video is so rich and filled with genuine passion, and it is contagious. A video that is worth to watch.

And if you are ever in Japan, check out his ramen shop!

Kunimoto’s ramen restaurant
Ganbatte! Kuminoto-san

-Briane R