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Zeal |ziːl| great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

The year of zeal.  But why? Well, this year marks the last year of  University and retail work-life, and I simply cannot wait. I will definitely do further studies in the near future, maybe psychology, anthropology, literature?  I know a lot of people who dreads the idea of studying again post-uni, but I zealously anticipate mine.

 Knowledge is something that I will constantly crave and explore, it is a fire that I found last year and something I would like to kindle eternally.

I am thrilled to see what the future holds, will I be stale and ordinary, or lead and change the things around me. Only actions and time will tell.

How are you all feeling this year?

-Briane R


Prompt List 7/100

Cope |kəʊp| deal effectively with something difficult.

Pain. I have flat feet which make me prone to ankle injuries, and it is something I constantly experience throughout my lifetime. Partially my fault because I am one of those people that never goes to a doctor unless I am dying. Although, it doesn’t happen as much anymore (healthy eating and daily exercise), today when I woke up there was a pain. And I was like ” here we go again.”

It annoys me as it hinders my productivity and when you are in pain work is the last thing you want to do. I actually had my own custom insoles once which helped, but I have to get a remold as it is out of date. But the cost, though, $500 T_T.

Morning pain, morning rant.

Moral of the story, get it check before it gets worst. Prevention is better than cure. I am a hypocrite when it comes to this. I need to start loving the clinics more.

Stay safe and healthy!

-Briane R


Goosebumps |ˈɡuːsbʌmps| small raised areas that appear on the skin because of cold, fear, or excitement.

Excitement. In less than two weeks I will be heading to Japan, and the thought of it gives me goosebumps!!! I’ve been to Tokyo once, but that was only for 5 days which was barely enough, no let me say NOT ENOUGH AT ALL. This time I am going for 16 days, going from Tokyo- Osaka- Kyoto – Tokyo. I am so thrilled, I am a big fan of the Japanese culture; anime, manga, rich history, nature, shopping night and the fact that each suburb has their own theme. And the food oh my the food, yes food food food!!! On top of that, Japanese people are so polite and disciplined (based on personal experience).

I can barely hold myself, I cannot wait!!!!! On the downside, I will miss the first two weeks of my university. Oops, but the future can worry later! See you in two weeks Japan!!!!

-Briane R


Prompt List 5/100

Noble |ˈnəʊb(ə)l| belonging by rank, title, or birth to the aristocracy.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of royalty. Being born with a royal blood from a royal family, to have a title next to your name, it is an enchanting thought. I am also an avid reader of fiction books where kingdoms exist, where there are kings and queens, prince and princesses, magical magical! I recently started watching a “The Crown” which further piqued my interest of nobility & royalty.

Maybe someday I’ll own my own kingdom? Be knighted by the queen/king? That would be so coooooolllll. (oh, moments of reverie.)

How Does One Become a Knight

-Briane R


Prompt list 4/100

Tender 1 |ˈtɛndə| showing gentleness, kindness, and affection.

It is that day of the year again, when roses and chocolates are expensive, where restaurants are filled to the brim, where love plagues the city.

Have a great day everyone! Make sure to spoil one another but not just today but every day. Be tender, be patient.

Here is a quote from one my favourite book about love.

The child teaches the adult something else about love: the genuine love should involve a constant attempt to interpret with maximal generosity what might be going on, at any time, beneath the surface of difficult and unappealing behavior

The parent has to second-guess what the cry, the grief, the kick or the anger is really about. And what marks out this project of interpretation – and makes it so different from occurs in the average adult relationship- is its charity. Parents are apt to proceed from the assumption that their children, though they may be troubled or in pain, are fundamentally good. As soon as the particular pin that is jabbing them is correctly identified, they will be restored to native innocence. When children cry, we don’t accuse them of being mean or self-pitying; we wonder what has upset them. When they bite, we know they must be frightened or momentarily vexed. We are alive to the insidious effects that hunger, a tricky digestive tract or a lack of sleep may have on mood.

How kind we would be if we managed to import even a little of this instinct into adult relationships – if here, too, we could look past the grumpiness and viciousness and recognize the fear, confusions, and exhaustion which invariably underlie them. This is what it would mean to gaze upon the human race with love

– The Course of Love, Allain de Botton

Happy valentines day everyone!

-Briane R


prompt list 3/100

tranquil |ˈtraŋkwɪl| free from disturbance.

Where do you find your sense of tranquillity?

For me, it is when I indulge myself reading a book, when I go to a historic library surrounded by books,  on my bed with eyes closed. But my favorite part, however, is the ocean. The soothing sound of waves, the enticing sight of boundless landscape and the solitude it provides. I can never get enough of it.

Where is your place?

-Briane R