I: 24/08/2017

The sudden gush of emotions.

Last Thursday, I experienced a state I haven’t experienced for a while- burnout.
It was a combination; regret of the past, an urgency of the present, and the pressure of the future. Normally those emotions nudge you one by one, but on that particular day, it gushed out like a broken, unsealed faucet.

And for the first time in a long while, I craved for silence- I wanted a place where  I can relax my body and mind.

On that day, I was out in the city after a long day of volunteering.I thought of going home, but that won’t do it, I told myself. My body was craving for something. Water. Pool.  So I went to Lowes bought pants, went to Daiso bought a towel then run to the closest pool I know.  Then SUBMERGED.

The satisfaction I felt the moment I dove in, was phenomenal. The time I spent in the pool alone, gave me the opportunity to re-organise, re-assess and re-confirm, my position and stance in life. In addition, I had a lovely dinner with my beautiful girlfriend, who I free share my mind and emotions too. It was a good decision and time well spent.

Briane R

19/08/2017 – Thursday

I consider myself as someone with excellent control of personal emotions. I can move on and forgive, store and access the right emotions. But alas, the wonder of being human is that nothing is always perfect, which makes life both exciting at the same time frightening.

I hope you are all having a great year so far. And remember, it’s ok to feel lost and defeated,  and it’s definitely acceptable to be sad, angry and selfish at times. The important part is how you will handle those emotions when they come knocking on your door. 🙂

Happy Monday. Together let’s inspire to be in control, and live the days with smile and appreciation.


Briane R





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