Welcome 2017 (Instagram Update)


• ❤ • Happy New Years everyone! 🎉Apologies for my absence. Life is taking me to a different route right now. The year 2017, marks my last year of University Studies which means intense Uni work while maintaining a part-time job and seeking for opportunities related to my degree. The situation required me to readjust my priorities and hobbies, which concluded in a decision for me to put a halt on photography. I will seldom post, but I will ensure that it is rich and of value, and more inclined to who I am. ( Will try to post more casual and day-to-day stuff too!)  🙏🏽Happy New Years again everyone!! Time is fading away faster than ever, and it will continue to soar. I hope the first few weeks of the year has been enlightening so far. Rekindle, write and pursue your goals, dreams and desires. Love is free, the world is vast. #keeploving #keepexploring #newyearisnotanewyearbutabetteryou #photonotsorelated

-Briane R


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