Word #3: Death

Death –the end of the life of a person or organism.

Death is one of those few things that we can be certain of and a future that is unavoidable. Alongside with consumption of time and paying tax (ha!).

This topic, death, is used by a lot of books, especially motivational ones. The books I recently read such as ” the Subtle Arts of Not Giving a F*ck” and ” When Breath Becomes Air” meditated in the concept of loss of life or state of being on the edge of life.

Also, in the past few years the popularized phrase “YOLO” ( You Only Live Once)  was used and abused by people, some used it in a meaningful way, others took the word as permission for them to make the most absurd actions or choices.

But isn’t it amazing? When you prioritise in a very a strict position, have time limitation or when you are on edge. Everything becomes clear; you know what you ought to prioritize,  you know how to connect the dots, which perspectives to contract or expand. On the other side, living freely, carelessly and without restriction allows us to live without limitation,  without fearless and makes it possible to live day by day without distress.

Both concepts or ideas are healthy, both have pros and cons.However, as always the medium is desirable, the balance between the spectrum. But, the important point is that whichever idea you practice, they both give you an advantage; to be present in life.

And recently I have been meditating on the first concept; having limitation or a time limit.  Because the fact is that we do not know when it will all end, but we all know it is bound to happen. I always thought of planning my goals in long term but recently I decided to be more realistic; so I decided to divide my goals and future planning in three ways.

  • Yearly goals.
  •  If I am to die in X years what do I want to accomplish. ( For me it is 6 years at the moment).
  • General goals. These goals are like futuristic such as have a family and the ideals one, when I reach the age of 60 or something. Haha!

Setting out my plan like this allowed me to be realistic with my approach in life. It gave me the perspective to live with ease and freedom yet to be conscious that my time is limited and constantly ticking.

It is a harsh approach but so far it allowed me to filter events, dramas, people and emotions in my life, to know which ones I need, want or required.

But as always I am not perfect, I will make mistakes and miscalculate decisions along the way, and I cannot wait to cherish those moments and use them to further refine myself and my goals.

That is it for me! I hope you all having a great week, 2017 is about to come. I hope this post reach and inspire you to put everything together or encourage you to play the years ahead.

Life is unexpected. Live.Love.  Love you all!

What are your goals next year? : )

-Briane R

Death is the light by which the shadow of all of life’s meaning is measured.  Without death, everything would feel inconsequential, all experience arbitrary, all metrics and values suddenly zero.


If I were a writer of books, I would compile a register, with a comment, of the various deaths of men. : he who should teach men to die would at the same time teach them to live.


“Why do you care that I’m dead when you’re still so afraid to live?”


We are all going to die, all of us. What a circus! That alone should make us love each other, but it doesn’t. We are terrorised and flattened by life’s trivialities; we are eaten up by nothing.


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