Book 21: Autobiography of Malcolm X


Autobiography of Malcolm X is an extremely detailed life of Malcolm Little, later know as Malcolm X or el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister and human right activist.

The book detailed the life of Malcolm X’s struggles, growth, high life, low life, pride, anger and love. His transition from being a top class student -> hipster -> drug user/dealer ->  burglar ->  criminal -> prison -> Muslim -> Mecca. The book delivered a thorough detail of what is life like back in the days. I can’t help but feel sad and horrible what humanity was life back in the days. However, it is sad to say that we are not much better now.

I recommend this book if you want to learn a bit of history and a flavourful life of Malcolm X; his adversaries, struggles, success and experiences are very humane and relatable. Especially if you are a Muslim or interested in knowing about the religion of Islam, I believe this book laid out the fundamentals and basic information about the religion.

So that’s it for me! Check out this book and here are some passages that I like from the book.

  • “If you once believed in the truth, and now you are beginning to doubt the truth, you didn’t believe the truth in the first place. What could you make you doubt the truth other than your own weak self?”
  • “You want to know how to spread my teachings?’ he said, and he pointed has a dirty glass of water,’ he said,  ‘just show them the clean glass of water that you have. When they inspect it, you won’t have to say that yours is better.’
  • ‘Most people seeing a man in an old tour car going real slow think the man doesn’t want to go fast,’ Mr Muhammad said, ‘but the man knows that to drive any faster would destroy the old car. When he gets a fast car, then he will drive at a fast speed.’ And I remember him telling me another time when I complained about an inefficient minister at one of his mosques, ‘I would  rather have a mule I can depend upon than a race horse that I can’t depend upon.’

Bless you all. Keep loving. Keep living.


Briane R


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