Adventure: La Perouse


If you are ever in Sydney and looking for a place to explore La Perouse is the place to go!  La Perouse is a suburb in south-eastern Sydney; it is accessible via bus from the city roughly 30-40 minutes ride or if you are driving there is a designated parking space as well.

There are a lot of activities to do, restaurants to eat and a great place to relax. I went there a couple of months ago just for a stroll and to explore, nothing major as I went at the end of the day.  Nonetheless, I managed to take a lot of photos! So here they are!

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There was plenty of weddings when I was there. It was a beautiful sight and to see newly wed couples just gives the heart a sweet hum. The sunset and the horizon were mesmerising. The waves oh, the sound of waves, and the fresh air!! Cannot wait to visit La Perouse again.

Absolutely a place to visit!!

For more information: La Perouse

Oh and if you like burgers I recommend  Bare Grill ; great staffs, amazing fries and burgers!

Happy Wednesday!

Briane R


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