Book 20: The richest man in babylon


The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason.

I picked up this book base on a whim, and it was free on kindle so why not! You can consider this book as a self-help/ finance book.

To be honest, the book is good. However, the points were exaggerated and unnecessarily repeated. I believed it could’ve been condensed into 50 pages rather than 150 pages.

The book provided basic principles to follow that can be applied immediately. The book was practical and applicable in the current world / era.  Here I would point out the main points that was constantly repeated throughout the book:

  • Save 10% of everything you acquire or make. (And use the rest to live.)
  • Learn from the wise people about trading and investment. ( Be wise)
  • Invest the money you saved.
  • Reinvest again and creating a passive income.

That sums up the whole book. Though the book contains parables, that emphasises the lessons and morals conveyed. However, I believe it was redundant.

This is a bias review of mine as always I recommend checking out the book yourself as it may reveal something different and unique.

Goodreads:  The Richest Man in Babylon

I also recommend a lot of other great financial books such as:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Think and Grow Rich

Have a great week everyone!

Briane R


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