Daily Gratitude Post: Day 16/20 Mr Josh


I would like to dedicate this post to one of my father figure Mr Josh.  I grew up without a father; I only remember seeing him once and talking to him once on the phone. And that’s about it, due to a mishap and unfortunate events, I never had a chance to speak to him or get to know him, though I bear no grudge or a single drip of hatred towards him. I am grateful that in the light of these events I’ve never rebelled or thought of doing nasty and destructive things to the world, my family and myself.

Despite that, throughout my lifetime I met people that I can look up to and respect. Some reciprocated my attention and showed me what it would feel like to have a father, and one of them is Mr Josh. My first life mentor so to say, a man I deeply respect regardless of what happens in the future. A man who offered a helping hand and provided guidance in my early life as a young adult. A man that is so charismatic, charming and influential that as soon as you meet him, you know that he is the man!

Although the path I took is different or can be seen as disagreeable. The love that you portrayed to the people around you and the knowledge you carry are something I will always look up to and inspire to be, with a touch of my personal philosophy.

Thank you so much, you gave me that fuel and drive to look forward in life, demonstrated me what it is like to be a great man and a great man of God. I am sure you will continue to be an inspiration to the people around you and will be on the big stage someday. I cannot wait for that to happen, I will be there cheering and in awe, as always.

Festina Lente

Briane R


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