Daily Gratitude Post: Day 15/20 Deborah

Most people don’t like looking back into the past? Past relationships? Who cares it was bad. It was horrible? The other person was evil. It  was a mistake?

We often hear this, when it comes to the past or previous relationships. But I see it; otherwise, my first ever relationship was a girl here in Australia, roughly five or six years ago? And in all honesty, it was a pivotal moment of my life and is something I will always remember with appreciation and joy.

I believe the fact that I was a socially awkward and timid guy back then contributed to the weigh of this experience and life event (Note, I always say that I was shy, socially awkward and such. And I absolutely and honestly was, thank goodness I changed haha!). We only lasted for a year, but the lesson and values I acquired from that period was immeasurable.

I will always be grateful for that event because firstly, it was my first love, the first time I gave love and received ” love”. And as always doing something for the first time is the hardest, and requires a lot of patience & trial. During that period I made a lot of mistakes, silly decisions and displayed immature emotional tantrums. I was incredibly insecure, protective, sensitive and controlling (like legit, man). And when I think about it, who would date such fragile and emotional guy. But I guess that’s one of the greatest part of it and something that I will always be grateful of, which is the fact that she took me and tried to demonstrate love to me, despite my shortcomings showed me to appreciate this part of my life more and her.

I grew up from a broken family which gave me the mentality of I was a broken man or worst I felt numb throughout the first 15 years of my life. But during the course of my first relationship. I learnt so much about myself, and someone out there did love me. It was an eye-opening experience, and it actually did open many doors for me. For that reason, I cannot stop being grateful to Deborah, and though there were hiccups, I wish to be able to reconcile and personally thank her someday, if the opportunity ever comes.

Anyhow, the full story will come someday, this is just a snippet of it haha!

Have a great day!!

What are you grateful for today?

Briane R

First Post


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