Book 14: The Compound Effect


The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The compound effect is motivational, but I’d consider it a very practical book. It is a concise motivational book, exceptionally straightforward and crammed with information that is easily applicable and useful.

One of the main element of the book is the idea of “Compound Effect,” and that everything you do repeatedly or consistently, will slowly but surely have a great impact in your future life. The effect can either be detrimental or skyrocket you to success; all depends on what type of choices you make and habits you build.

Which leads me to the content of the book. The book is consist of six main chapters which are:

  • The compound effect in action
  • Choices
  • Habits
  • Momentum
  • Influences
  • Acceleration

Each chapter is brief and always end with a call to action. The chapters are effective and provide readers tips on how the concept can be immediately practiced. The book contains and set up in a way like other motivational books. However, the author managed to deliver all the critical information within 160 pages compare to the traditional motivational books that goes up to 600 pages, which is something I particularly liked about this book.

Overall, I absolutely recommend this book. It is a quick, direct and easy read. Especially if you are looking for a bit of motivation and stuck in life. It contains great concepts and philosophies.  My favorite chapters are choices and momentum. In those chapters, the author wrote principles and beliefs that I am in congruence.

Have a great day everyone!

What have you read recently?

Briane R


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