Daily Gratitude Post: Day 9/20 A,E,J

Adrian, Elijah, and Jonas. These three potatoes were my best friends back in high school in the Philippines. They were the only ones who tried to talk to me and allowed me to experience the good side of high school, even for just a short period.  Timid, coward and shy, that was me. In contrast, you were all approachable, sociable and cool, so why did you make friends with me? I am yet to find out.

But Thank you so much! It wasn’t until recently that  I realized how special you guys were and how much I owe you guys. It is true that when we are younger, we take a lot of things for granted or devalue experiences & people.  I am guilty

I cannot wait to be able to return the favor someday.

Though we are distant and hardly speak to each other, it is a friendship that we can always revisit and reclaim. Oh, and to let you know, you guys saved a life.


Have a great weekend everyone!

-Briane R

Day 1 Post



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