Daily gratitude post: day 7/20 wake up


Not long ago, I started putting labels on my alarm that says “Thank you! I am live”. It is a minuscule substitute or change, but I believe it will slowly & surely impact my mornings. The main reason is that I want to begin my day with gratitude, which leads to a positive morning. Also, we live in such a busy and demanding world, where we are inclined to forget the small things, that in a closer inspection is a blessing & a miracle.

And one of them is waking up from our deep slumber. Something we take for granted like we are just meant to wake up. But people die every day, and we never know what the future will bring. So why not start the day with a bright and motivating mindset, tackle the day with excitement and curiosity. Because this life that we sometimes take for granted, can be easily taken away.

Stay safe, smile and laugh! 🙂

Have a wonderful week and to all university students, good luck with your exams!!!

What are you grateful for today?

-Briane R
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