Daily gratitude post: day 6/20 university

This year marks my fifth year in the university. Finally almost done with my Master’s degree. Jokes! In Australia, a bachelor degree generally takes three years. However,  half way through my first degree (Two years, Bachelor of Nursing), I changed my degree to Bachelor of Commerce, none of my units from my previous degree were accredited. Therefore, I have to start again from year 1 (which was expected nursing -> business, big difference haha!).

But yess! Five years in the university, typically students are tired and nauseated by the idea of going to university. Recently, however, I developed an avid interest in studying and learning. I’ve been tackling my university with enthusiasm and zeal throughout the semester. It feels weird, but I will be hanging on it, maybe it is the age, I am 22 years old now. Fear of time? Responsibility? Growth? Maturity? All of the above?

Whatever reason it is, I am very grateful. University has provided me a lot of opportunities, to grow intellectually, emotionally and interpersonally. I met a lot of people, developed my ability to write and speak, and plenty of pleasant and fantastic memories. That I am grateful!

I cannot wait for my last year of university, looking forward to more adventures!!!

Have a wonderful week and to all university students, good luck with your exams!!!

What are you grateful for today?

-Briane R
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