Daily Gratitude Post: Day 2/20

It is 1 am right now, just came home from my friend’s place. Had KFC, played poker and some games ( worst poker game I played for a long while haha!). Overall, it was a magnificent time. I wish I can just play games all day, have my old small sheltered life, playing games all day and eating everything I want. Oh, reality, adult life.

But yes yes, I am grateful. To a friend of mine Sim! He was the host for the event tonight. I would consider him a good friend, a best friend maybe?

I recently had a chance to know him more and developed a more troll friendship. I can safely declare that he is one of the few people that I will personally vouch for and support no matter what.  I am grateful for this guy! Cheers Sim! Thank you for always listening, thank you for taking all my insults. The past few months would’ve been a bit dull if you weren’t my friend.


Looking forward to the future, adventures and fights.


-Briane R


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