Video: What owning a ramen restaurant in japan is like


It was around 1 am last night, and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to start browsing on Youtube. And then I discovered this video, and it piqued my interest!
I used to work in a Japanese restaurant, where I experienced first hand how crazy Japanese people work (in a really good and inspiring way). They have a tough working culture, so depending on which perspective you look, it will either make you feel crap or inspire you to strive. I chose the latter :).

This video gives the viewers an introduction what it’s like to work in Japan or any Japnese oriented workplace. So prepare to get inspired and motivated! The video is so rich and filled with genuine passion, and it is contagious. A video that is worth to watch.

And if you are ever in Japan, check out his ramen shop!

Kunimoto’s ramen restaurant
Ganbatte! Kuminoto-san

-Briane R



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