Book 12: Power Cues by Nick Morgan



PowerCues is a book which aims to improve communication and provide individuals insights on what happens in our unconscious mind.

I have read and watched videos, books, and articles that are related to communication. Therefore, a lot of the contents of this book were concepts and ideas I have heard before. However, it still enjoyed reading the book; it reminded of concepts that I have forgotten and fed me with new information and techniques. It was easy to read and very practical, which I loved.  Here are some of the points that influenced me the most!

  • Mastering your voice: Vocal control, sounds, projection.
  • Honest signals: Influences, mimicry, activity & consistency.
  • A lot of information about non-verbal cues to look out for
  • Great advice on storytelling, and how to structure one.
  • Archetypal stories:  Quest, love story, rags to riches, and revenge (probably my favorite chapter of the book).
  • Mirror neurons

It is a great read, especially if you are getting into communication and eager to learn more. Then this book is for you; it gives you a detailed and excellent introductory on other things that happen within you and around you. Another great book that I can recommend if you want to learn more about “reading people”, and just being aware of what the eyes can’t see at times is “What everybody is saying” by Joe Navarro. Great book, great content and intriguing information.

Link:  What Every Body Is Saying 

And that is it for me! Hope you are all doing well. The ability to communicate and influence is an amazing and I’d say an essential skill to have. To further progress and strive in this society. So keep harnessing those skills and push! : )

-Briane R

P.S My personal advice when it comes to speech and communication, in general, is always to start with a smile.


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