Book 11: Miss Peregrine’s book 3: Library of Souls


We have reached the finale of the series (though there is a 4th book but it is set before this story). Ransom Riggs stated at the end of the second book, that the third book would be action packed! And indeed it was wars, fights, explorations and more fights!! I am still dumbfounded about all the turn of events happened in the book. A number of new concepts introduced which was spectacular. In addition, the way Ransom connected the dots from previous books, theories and events were remarkable.Jacob my man you have grown well, both in nature and power!

Jacob my man you have grown well, both in nature and power! I loved the character progression that happened throughout the book; it was a satisfying feeling. I guess it can be compared to watching your child grow and make you proud (I never had one, not in another ten years I hope). Haha!

Emma, despite the fact that you annoyed me slightly in this book, I still love you. You were a very understanding character and such a darling towards Jacob. Will ship you anytime with Jacob.

And to the rest of the characters, you were all amazing!!! I have grown fond of a handful of yous, and I wish I had the chance to learn more. Especially the Miss Peregrine’s crew LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

However, there were some scenes I didn’t enjoy as much; I supposed, I had my own imagination and idea on how should some scenes would’ve gone ( I wish it were a bit darker). I was also sad that a lot of the other characters didn’t get a lot of spotlights ( I AM TALKING TO YOU ENOCH T_T ). But I guess it is difficult to squeeze everything in, in one book.

Overall, this has been an amazing series, there are so much to write but I’ll hold back as it is better if you read it yourself. It has been a good roller coaster of adventure and emotion. In all honesty, I couldn’t put down the book and was hooked especially in book #2. Provided that make sure to recommend this series to your friends!! And to drop the veredict my favourite book out all the three is number 2: Hollow City!

I am now a big fan of Ransom Riggs and looking forward to his future books and writings. I heard Ransom is writing new series connected to the series of peculiar children, which I will purchase (SQUEAL!).

That is it for me! And if I am to describe this whole series in one sentence it would be;

The whole series was magical and the last chapter was bewitching.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Keep reading and have a good time.

-Briane R


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