Giveaway #1: Book!


• G I V E A W A Y •  Heyo! I want to give back to this community so here’s my first ever give away.

The price is the book in this picture. To enter simply post a comment or DM or Instagram on how do you think this book will help you or someone in your life! The Contest will run until November 11, 2016! Wherever you are who you are, feel free to join in! Looking forward to your stories. Let your friends know or tag them!

A bit of story: 

This book is pretty much what the title say it is, about how to win friends & influence people.  What great about this book is that it’s timeless, applicable & direct. I personally read this book 5 years ago. The book gave me advice that I practice even today. But why?

Growing up timid, awkward & extremely shy, my social skills were behind (in short :really badddddd: ). Then the point came where I know I have to improve this area of my life. In order to thrive in today’s world, working hard and communication are probably the cheapest way available. The fact that we are constantly working, dealing , communicating with people, pose great importance to this skill. And with that choice my journey began!

Instagram link:


Love ya all!

Briane R


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