Book #10- Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar children Book 2: Hollow City (Spoilers Alert)


Oh my, oh my! After finishing a heavy non-fiction book, Ransom Riggs once again brought me to his world of fantasy, fear, love, mystery and peculiarity <3.

It was an instant hook, after few pages, I just couldn’t put it down. One of the things I love about movies, books, mangas & games is character progression & development. And this sequel definitely gave me a good amount it. Let me highlight some of the characters I developed passionate love to.
* SPOILERS*( very little, I’ll try)

Hugh-  My man! Even though you were arrogant at times, that fighting scene was BADASSSSS!! You deserve to brag

Millard –  Your prudent & sagaciousness in this book was astonishing & inspiring, go naked man!!

Horace-  You sure shown them who’s the boss. More mum jokes in the future, please!

Bronwyn- Your gentleness & character

Addison- Class + Sassy + Gentlemen + Dog + Pipe = you know it

Althea-  Your peculiarity and character design I admire.

Enoch-  You dark, gloomy, pessimistic bastard. People may hate you, but I don’t, you have to chill sometimes, though. Nonetheless, I have high expectation from you!!! ❤

Jacob-  Of course how can I miss Mr Portman! YAKOOBBBBBB! Your character development is on point, I cannot wait to see what Ransom have for you next sequel. TURN TO A SUPER BADDASS CLICHE OR NOT I LIKE IT

I thought the second book will be stale & cliche, but man I thought wrong. The author maintained the dark & mysterious tone throughout the book. Or emotional roller coaster perhaps? Mixed of contentment, happiness, sadness, shadiness, amusement, love & hope.
Although they were some parts I was a bit disappointed about, especially towards the end. I anticipated a better course of action as what they did was rather naive :(. But I guess it was done for plot progression and epic twist!
Overall, I am in awe! As soon as I finished this post, I am diving into the third book!!!

That was more like a rant than a review haha! Have a great weekend everyone!

-Briane R

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