Book #9 – Mastery

Mastery by Robert Greene


Mastery is a motivational / philosophy book, written by Robert Greene known for his books of power, strategy & seduction. I had a lot of friends who read this book and highly recommends it; some even say it was a life-changing book for them. So after constant nudge and stories, I finally gave in and bought the book. However, I was skeptical to read this book, I have read a fair amount of motivational books in the past and concluded that they all just follow a similar route, provide the same conclusion. But with all the testimonies and reviews, I thought why not give it a shot?  I have also read one of Robert Greene’s book, and since then I was interested in his mindset.

Like I said, I thought this book would be a typical motivational book (though it started as one). What set it apart was the vast amount of stories, historical characters & events it contains. Robert went into the details and life of historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Mozart,  Charles Darwin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Johann Wolfgang von  Goethe and a lot of other figures. These figures impacted the world with their innovations, discoveries, and way of thinking that even to this day their works are still applicable and sought after.

Robert did an outstanding job connecting the characters to his topic, revealing a small portion of the characters upbringing, personality & achievements to compliment his personal writing.

Besides the influential stories and characters in this book, I absolutely enjoyed the contents of the book. Some of the topics that genuinely interested me was:

  • Social Intelligence
  • Deep Mentor Dynamic
  • Alchemical Creativity and the Unconcious (Terista Fernandez)
  • The Third Transformation

These parts of the book resonated with me greatly.( Get the book to find more in detail 😉 )

Overall I love the book, I learnt so much about the previous Masters who left a mark in the world. I learnt their core values & beliefs, which was charming and filled with knowledge that I will carry with me. I found new figures that I would like to gain understand of & delve more into their minds. So yeah if you are looking for a motivational book to read, definitely pick up this one! Even though the majority of the concepts may be something, you are already conscious of, the abundance & detail of the stories will make this book unique and delightful.

To become indignant at their conduct is as foolish as to be angry with a stone because it rolls into your path. And with many people the wisest thing you can do, is to resolve to make use of those whom you cannot alter. -Arthur Schopenhauer


I hope you are all having a great time!! Keep exploring & persevere!!



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2 thoughts on “Book #9 – Mastery

    1. The third transformation talks about the last stage of the book, Mastery. This part of the book was enrich by the story of Marcel Proust who’s know as a French novelist & critic. Personally, is one of the best and intense part of the book : ).

      And the answer to your second question all depends on which stage of life you are in. Some people may require to read through all the chapters to get grasp of this chapter, other may be already in this stage and this chapter is something will speak to them the most.

      It all depends on you!

      Thank you for the comment!
      -Briane R


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