Book #8- The Little book of talent

one-time-1-of-1The Litlle book of talent (52 tips for improving skill) by Daniel Coyle

Is a self-development book which aim is to improve skills. The book is very straightforward; it contains 52 tips that are scientifically proven and tested. The book has a good progression & the author ensured that the tips were not scrambled all over the book but rather complimented one another.

Among the 52 tips here are the ones that influence me the most:

Tip #7, 8, 9 & 10 – Hard & Soft Skills

Tip #12- High-Quality Coach

Tip #13- Sweetspot

Tip #15- Break into Chunks

Tip #21- Think in Images

Tip #33- To learn from a book, close the book

Tip #37 – REPS ( Reaching & Repeating, Engagement,  Purposefulness & Strong, Speedy Feedback

Tip #42- Be a better teacher

Tip #43- Repetition

Tip #44- Blue Collar Mindset

Tip #46- Break New Habits

Tip #47- Teach it

Tip #49- Make it Shit

Tip #51- Keep your goal secret

Tip #52- “Think like a Garderner, Work like a Carpenter”.

This book is very easy and simple to read, the tips are not exaggerated but rather on the point with a call to action. I would recommend this book if you are after some precise, tested and direct tips on how to improve your skills. It is a short book so if you don’t have a lot of spare time to read & get bored reading overstate books then this one is for you.


Hope you all having a good day! Keep learning & improving your skills! If you have any personal tips, just leave it in the comment below 🙂

-Briane R



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