Book #7- Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl



The book is about a young Jewish girl named Anne. The diary was written during World War II, while her family was hiding in an attic (where her dad used to work) to hide from the Nazis. They hid from 1942 till 1944, where they were caught by the Gestapo (German secret police under Nazi). During those two years, Anne decides to write a diary, a place to express her struggles, victories, emotions, opinions & love. Her diary became her one friend that she can tell everything to, that kept her sane. A sounding board for Anne.

The book was very charming; it was like watching a time-lapse about a girl who transitioned from being a young girl to a lady. Within those two years, you get a gist of what is it like to live in that era, particularly the feeling of hiding because of fear. Anne vividly express her emotions, feelings & stories in her diary; she wrote everything she wants without holding back. Which result to a clear, profound entries that bewitch readers as they read it. Throughout the diary, I learn a lot about Anne, how her perspective changes, how she matures & how she dealt living in a constricted space with eight people (all older than her, all with their own perspective of her). To think that she was only fifteen during this time is inspiring or astonishing, her opinions are sensible & her perspective is full and justified. I cannot imagine living in her place, the hardship she went to, and despite all of that she stayed strong, she never lost a glimpse of hope.

I cannot recommend this book more; it is a great profound book about the life of a girl. Who’s dream is to live normally, go to school & get married. Oh, how selfish we are sometimes, these are things a lot of us take for granted, where other strive for it in the past. As I read the book, I realised how lucky & blessed we are, to be able to express our emotion, our love to one another. The ample time, choice & freedom that we have.

Anne was a strong & bright girl; her maturity is beyond what you can expect from a fifteen-year-old. One of her dreams is to use her diary to reach out to the world, to leave a legacy. And I can personally say she achieved it and she will continually reach more hearts. So if you are looking are for a bit of inspiration, history & passion then check out this book.

And that is it for me! I hope you ya’ll had a great weekend & if you live in Australia, enjoy the long weekend! Stay productive & chasing!



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