BOOK #4 Smart Work by Dermot Crowley


Distraction, procrastination, unorganised, busy, lost or unfocus.  I picked up this book deliberately because I want to be more organise, more focus. Being in the early 20’s & living in this century where you can be distracted by anything & anywhere, it is safe to presume that being productive is now a big dilemma. I am very aware of that as I am guilty of being one, for that reason, I try to look for tools & tips to help me become more centralise & organise in my daily, weekly & monthly activities.  And that’s the reason I picked up this book.

It is a short book; that is about taking advantage of the technology you have when it comes to organising, planning ahead & eliminating unnecessary distraction in technology. Here are some of the key points that had the most influenced to me.

  • Integrate all your mailbox! – I am pretty sure we all have multiple emails. Isn’t it time-consuming to open one then check it then open the other one then filter it constantly.  Personally, I have multiple accounts, some are integrated together (gmail) so I can quickly switch around, but I still have other accounts from different providers ( like university email, business email and such). I know how time-consuming it is to check them individually.  This was one of the main push in the book, to integrate all email in one platform, which I found Outlook to perform effectively. The same applies to a calendar, reminders/task and also notes. So far my experience has been excellent and I feel that my productivity has increased.
  • Filter, sort and aim for empty! – The book contains a lot of technique and ways to sort and filter emails depending on your needs. But one of the key points it emphasises is to empty your email DAILY. Don’t let it clutter, don’t let it become a dumpster. ( I deleted almost 10k emails ).
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Planning – Like a lot of book in the area of organising, the book contains different information, formation & styles when it comes to organising your routine, I believe they are very helpful if you have a 9-5 job! Great tips and help in filtering your daily activities & goals, as well as prioritising.
  • Psychological – The book also encompasses itself with what type of mindset you should develop throughout the process. Which I find always a good  & helpful.

I personally recommend this book; it is a short read and something that you can easily reflect when you need to. It contains a variety of tools & techniques that you can easily apply to your daily system. I’d especially recommend this book for beginners to intermediate when it comes to organising! Hope you are all having a wonderful week !! Have a great weekend ❤

Book 3/5

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail ” – Benjamin Franklin


Briane R


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