Word #2: Perfection


Perfection- the state or quality of being perfect. 
       Perfection, something that we always try to achieve or strive for. Some people are a perfectionist; some aren’t. Perfection is a state that can be both good and bad. In this post, I would like to write about my personal thought of being a perfectionist with regards to writing & social media.
         Personally, I never consider myself a perfectionist, I am quite shabby, clumsy & sometimes I like to take the easy route in carrying out a task. But I realised when I started writing a post & getting more involved in social media. I had this feeling that I shouldn’t post or start unless I am 100% satisfied & it is close to perfection. Which is a great thing on the surface, however, I realised I started using it as an excuse to delay, be lazy & unproductive. I go out of focus & worst just leave it behind.
         However, as the time goes, I learnt that it doesn’t have to be perfect & I just have to give what I can give. So here I am writing right now, this post will probably have a lot of holes, grammar mistake &  mess. But for now, I just want to produce & learn, to get close to perfection as I write more. Because I know if I strive for perfection right now I won’t post anything for another year. So I chose to learn & improve as I go,
         I believe perfection is a great thing; I strive to achieve perfection in everything I make, and I am sure I will achieve it as the time goes and I write more. So don’t hesitate to post something raw, just pour your hearts out! And it is ok to be a perfectionist as well, it is a great state of mind to have, but make sure you keep yourself in-check & ensure that you are not just putting your projects off!
Hope you are all having a great time! Keep grinding, striving and dreaming ❤️
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
-Vince Lombardi


-Briane R


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