Book #2 The 48 Laws of Power

 Book #2
48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

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I heard a lot of people talk about this book & read good reviews about it as well. So recently I picked it up since I am on my holidays, and the book seems to be small but very compact. The 48 Laws of Power is pretty much about understanding the concept of powers & its properties. At first, I thought it would give the similar vibe as “ How to win friends and influence people”, but as soon as I read the first few laws I was astonished by the contents & what it is telling me to do.

It is quite the polar opposite of “ How to win friends & influence people”, definitely applicable however it comes with a cost and highly dependant on where your moral compass lies. The book contains both concepts that are absurd & brilliant. I enjoyed the book as it made me question where I stand in my moral compass, allowed me to strengthen my current views and at the same time learn new ones.

Would definitely recommend this book as the book is timeless & applicable, it is just the question of when, where, how & who? Hope you are all having a wonderful June.

Keep growing & striving. Stay warm & drink a lot of water haha!


“Put your iron hand inside a velvet glove.” – Napoleon

-Briane R


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