What’s new ay?

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Two months passed, what has happened?

1) University came back!!!! The student life yassss… I thought this semester would be easy and relaxing, but I was wrong, who was I kidding. It has been intense the past few weeks,  but I took last week a bit lightly. So I know it will be stressing again >.<. Assessments, assessments, and group work brewwwwww…..

2) A new part-time job! 😀 Still working in the retail industry but working for a specific brand now within a shopping centre. Not much difference except I get to wear suits #suits<3. But yeh full-time uni + part time work, hustle hustle!!

3) Photography :D. I’ve been using my camera more frequently, which is now my personal therapeutic activity, something I do to unwind and destress myself. It’s been fun; it allows me develop my photography style and express my character in an interesting way.

4) Going back to my roots! The ticket is booked, I am flying back to my home country this August. After seven years I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!

5) I RODE THE ROLLER COASTER FOR THE FIRST TIME AND DID SKYDIVING!! Both were amazing experiences, can’t wait to show the video to you guys!! It was amazeballs, will definitely do again. BUNGEE JUMPING NEXT

6) Got friend zoned!! Hahahahaha


That’s about it, nothing too biggy happened, except skydiving that was a mind-blowing experience!!  I hope you all been exploring and trying new grounds, it’s beautiful and bewildering to discover new things and meet people.

Good to be back! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend. Keep looking up and forward! Another busy week is ahead :).

❤ ❤ ❤

-Briane R






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