2015 Holiday Trip : Korea!

(12/12/15- 19/12/15)

So last December I went to Korea with three of my other mates. It was a joyful experience filled with memories!! We could’ve done a lot more but we learnt a lot during the trip, about each other and about Korea.  Definitely going back maybe in 3 or 4 years? Anyway here are some snaps of the trip. 🙂


I hope you are all doing well!   I highly recommend Korea for food and night life ( Bars and Club).  That atmosphere is amazing during night time and the drinking culture in Korea is something unique to experience . And man soju is $1.50 here and you can get it from convenient store (like 7 11) crazyy right?!! Oh, if you do go to KBBQ,  GET PORK BELLY JUST DO PORK BELLY YO! PORK BELLY ALL THE WAY.


Anyway thats all about my trip in Korea.

Hope ya’ll having a good week and exploring.

-Briane R


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