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Howdy! Firstly, Merry Christmas guys!!!

I hope ya’ll doing well. Its been awhile ,  I apologize :P. Although I can’t believe new years is about to come once again. Crazy isn’t it. I am currently in Korea as I post this, I can’t believe that after six years I finally made it out of Australia.

My mini adventure started this early December, with three of my new mates. We are going to Korea, Japan, Canada and United States, and so far we’ve been to Japan and Korea, so two more countries to go. The trip had ups and down so far, down because some of the people in the group is not dedicated enough to wake up early and cover a lot of areas, and do activities. Which was kinda disappointing , because I really love learning about a countries culture and etiquette, but I guess we all had different goals,  so definitely have to go back and have mates who are more dedicated on day exploring. Other than laziness, night life is great with the peeps, eating, drinking and laughing. I love dem peeps, and because of this trip I kinda learnt more of about them, which is always a wonderful gift.

Here are some of the things we did so far!

Korea: Ate a lot of KBBQ(Korean BBQ) and Soju eeerrveday in Korea (man soju was $1.50 and even 7 Eleven sells it). Went to JSA ( which is Joint Security Area), we basically went to the border between South and North Korea, it was pretty intense , wish we could stay in the spots a bit longer tho, to take picture and such. But other than that it was good, went to a building where we were literally at North Korea for couple of minutes, brought some North Korean Wine and souvenirs (I realized my addiction in buying souvenirs). A lot of shopping, and a tiny bit of cultural exploring, so definitely Korea is one of the place I have to revisit. Gomabseubnida!!!!

Japan: Can I say, I love your people yo!! Polite, kindness and friendliness, I have to say, I think Japan won my heart on it.  Japan is kinda a bit better than Korea. We went to a lot of more  different shrines, and places. However,  due to waking up late we missed activities such as fish market and Kamakura.  Bought so much souvenirs and foods too, which is why I believe my baggage is already overweight and I still have two countries to go.  But yeh, Japan is beautiful and crazy love it, definitely going back to try more weird things, ear cleaning cafe? cuddle cafe? definitely trying it for sure . Definitely going to a lot more shrines and cultural experiences, and food.  Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

So that what’s been up lately, sorry about the mini rant. I hope you are all having a good holiday yourselves. This year has been really full on, a lot of changes, new experiences and character development. Even though the year is about to end, life will keep going and changing. And I am sure it applies to everyone, so always be ready and resilient. Take care and smile, there are ups and downs, but there is always a positive side for it (what the trip is empasizing to me so far).

Catch up with you peeps soon, stay wild , curious and crazy ( in a healthy dose). Advance happy new years as well, its a good time to reflect on what has happen against and for with us so far, and learn from them.

Live life and Smile!

Lab you allnm

-Briane R

“Come to the book as you would come to an unexplored land. Come without a map. Explore it and draw your own map.” -Stephen King


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