Quote #9- The motivation

Hey fellas, recently I started going gym again (we are couple of months away from summer here in Sydney, so I want to loose a bit of my jelly).  So I’ve been askin my friend to send me pump music that I can listen to when I go to gym.  But then he sent me this quote, and I felt the urge to share this to ya’ll :).


This gave me a good hit, I was like daim that’s the truth. Even though extrinsic motivation is an important factor, intrinsic motivation should be the backbone of any activity you do. It gives bigger and long lasting rewards as you do things with a purpose, which I personally believe an essential, to anything you do or pursue. To put a meaning and defination in activities you do just give it a stronger and higher value.

My oceans has been calm and there are very few waves. But I am sure sooner or later, I’ll encounter some big waves.

So keep going and keep pursuing. But most importantly, do it for yourself not for anyone else!

Hope you are all doing well : )

Too-Da-loo lab ya all! The chase is real!



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