21 Facts about me!! :)

Holidays has started!  One of my goals throughout the holiday is to write more blog, so let me begin about a post about myself. So here are 21 facts about meself.

1) I loveeeeee sushimaxresdefault

One cannot simply go wrong with a rice wrap in a seaweed!  There are just so much variety and choices you can have and make. So if I will be stuck in an island for a year and can only have one type of dish, it would be sushi :D. (SMOKE SALMON WITH CREAM CHEESE BB PLS)

2)  I have a dog named Chocolate996104_892938790726775_2979271758270018552_nThis deadly companion of mine (not really), has been with me since I first came to Australia.  He is my best man, he is also hairy and sometimes smell, but he is the cuttieeessstttt muddah doggggggg.  Chocolate is a cross breed between Maltese and Shih tzu.  KAWAII DES!

3) I don’t have much of the artistic side =( 10856487_854685394552115_3023008952015470848_oI love paintings, craft, and art but sadly my hands ain’t blessed for it.  Its a talent I wished I honed throughout my childhood, but I guess its still not too late :P. Planning to do something craft related at some point? Pottery? Maybe?

4)  Engrish is the second language yo!


You may have notice the way I write/ post, that my English is not solid. It has been six years since I came to Australia, but I still have my thick ass Filipino accent yo! PAMILY AND LAB POR EBERYONE

5) In conjunction with #4 I came from the small country called the Philippines.Flag_of_the_Philippines.svg

Yip, I am born and raised from the country of the Philippines, filled with the most loving and gentle people. And food my friends, cholesterol and diabetes

6) I grew up under the care of me grandma


I didn’t grow up having a father, and my mother went to work overseas when I was at the age of 3. I did not have any parental love or guidance throughout my whole life, but my grandma filled those roles up. She protected, showed me kindness and love, enough for me to survive and sway away from things that might have ruined my life. Love, you long time grandma! I forever owe you!

7)  11  and 7 are my favorite numbers557300_10150763242103255_463890121_n

I just grew to love these numbers ;D. I hope I win lotto someday O_O

8) Black is the best, so is Burgundy


Black is the best, I love wearing black, I thin it looks sexy and classy. But I believe another factor that I wore black a lot was that before I was a bit overweight and black just make you look a bit slimmer and sexy :D.

But yes everyone says black is a shade, so it ain’t no colour, so I have Burgundy as a backup ;D

9)  I loveeeeee youtubeeee


You can never go wrong with YouTube, you can just stay on it for hours. Ranging from documentaries, music video, comedy skits to the most random things you’d never thought of watching, YouTube have it all ๐Ÿ˜€

10) I’m a multi-cultural type of guy165797_454804034540255_1230487029_n

I love meeting new people, learning about them and their culture. It’s fascinating how everyone is different and have a piece of cake to share. I want to improve my geographical knowledge and general knowledge about different countries : )!

11) I like to be open minded


I used to be bound by certain beliefs and opinions; I imposed a fence to my mind that limit what I know, and I can believe. But as I aged I learnt that there are more into life, we have a population of over a billion  and each individual have something unique in them, have something special to share and want to tell the world, and by limiting your mind, you might miss the chance to experience or know what the world has to share.

12) I’m crap when it come to lyrics and singing11125185_939555016065152_1808517694_n

A numero uno stereotype for Filo’s are that they can sing and play guitar but sadly I’m neither HAHA (decent guitar player I guess) , but other than that I can’t sing for crap. T__T Apparently I’m tone deaf, and my notes are always off the hook haha, I wish to buy a new vocal chords someday, or take some vocal lessons. ( I have quite a high pitch for a guy)

13)  I want to live in Melbourne or Europe someday.


I went to Melbourne once this year, and I just fell in love with it. The food, coffee and ambiance, I just feel it there. Same reason for Europe, I just feel that I and Europe will be splendid friends haha (UK Fashion (Y) ). So hopefully in the future, if the future wife agrees so, I would love to live in Europe for a couple of Years.

14) Mocha is the coffee for champions.11541289_939558969398090_2135623660_n

I love the coffee culture, I fond the ambiance cafes projects, it just gives me a nice energetic and productive feeling.  I am a big fan of Mocha, a hint of bitterness accomplice with chocolate.

15) I used to be a nursing student11125621_941030149250972_118123662_n

Another stereotype for Filo’s are they either do Nursing or Hospitality hahaha. I did nursing for a good two years, I guess my main motivation for doing it was that it was easy, the salary was right and I was not sure what I wanted to do. But after a good 2 years, I found what I am passionate about, so this year I boldly drop my nursing course that I have one year left to do and transition to Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in human resource management. It wasn’t the easiest transition; reasons were time and an Asian mother, she is not the most supportive or encouraging person who made it quite difficult and discouraging.

But hey, you have to pursue your passion if circumstances allow to! You are the author of your book. (Y)

16) I fell in love with… books


I was never a reader nor a writer; I was the gamer type of guy, consoles and computer all day long. It’s not long ago when I started reading and learned the value of knowledge. It started from reading a manga to articles, to devotion Christian books to the vast amount of non-fiction books. It just amazes me how much you can learn from a book. Another reason I enjoy reading books is because you get to know the author, where they come from, what they went through and how they succeed/fail.

17) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People7-habits-highly-effective-customer-experience

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey was one of the books that sparked me up to change the way I view life and gave me a small push to slowly conquer my fears and break my bubble.  If you guys haven’t read it , give it a shot  ๐Ÿ™‚ you won’t regret it! (Personal review of the book, I shall post someday)

18) Sherlock Holmes, The Mentalist And Psychology


I am a big fan of mystery and psychology. I enjoy learning about human behavior, body language and anything related to that area. It just intrigues me how everyone have different views and perspectives.

19) I am quite in the shy side of the social spectrum.


Despite my hobbies and passion, I still tend to  shy away at times but compare to who I was before it hasss beeenn a hugeeeee improvement haha!

I had a lot of confidence issue since I was young until my teen years, but throughout the years I decided I have to break out of my shell, explore life and live it. And to contribute something to this world full of wonders.  Its a lot of work, but one step at a time we can all achieve what want.

20) 20 was probably one of the biggest turning point of my life10887214_863375623683092_4786333326586613981_o

It was a crazy year last year, a lot of emotions, drama, love and adventure.  From changing my degree, getting a new job to starting a blog. It was a big year where a lot of my decisions had a heavy effect in my surroundings, friends and personal life. Hoping to share more about it soon !

21) I AM 21 YO!!

Yes! I turned 21 this April. And daimmmm, I feel sah old, it feels like time is just flying away so fast. So it’s another big year for me, a lot of goals to accomplish! Buttt yehh 21 bebeh!! Hence why the 21 facts :DD

And those are the 21 Facts about me!  If you wrote one for yourself already, please  put the link below, would love to know ya’ll more.

Looking forward interesting facts about you’ll and I hope you guys are having a great month! Stay warm and eat a lot, it’s winter here in Australia :D.

As always, lab ya all , keep chasing , keep living, one step at a time!

โ€œBut until a person can say deeply and honestly, “I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday,” that person cannot say, “I choose otherwise. – Stephen R. Covey


p.s credit to google for some of the images ๐Ÿ˜€ (pics # 1 ,5,7, 9,18 and 19)


2 thoughts on “21 Facts about me!! :)

  1. Hi Briane. Foremost thanks for liking my latest blog post. Really enjoyed reading these 21 facts about you; particularly appreciated your confessions #3 and #12. And yes, may all your wishes come true sooner than late! “Yo” to your 21er!!!


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