Lets talk more

I am quite shy, awkward and introverted at times, still breaking out of the shell you see. What made it worst was that the recent events in my life during the past year made me loose 80% of my friends. I am walking quite a lonely path at the moment, technology and social media appears to be a safe escape from this lonely venture.

But this video reminded me of one of my personal goals and made me rethink the way I view things in life. I want to talk more, I want to  have deeper conversation with people I barely know, I want to let them know that I care. But I am stopped  by the  fear of being  considered a social retard or be viewed as someone awkward, but I want to talk; I want to share. For a 20-year old guy, this might be weird, but I guess I have to embrace this weirdness, and nurture it to strength and motivation to help others who may ever feel the same.

Sorry for the random rant, I guess this is more of a self-affirmation to myself. That I will grow, I will be better, I will be my best. I will smile through this path, be grateful to this trial and love everyone that I will encounter.

Heads up heads up, Briane!

Take it easy guys! Keep smiling! Life is harsh and sometimes we don’t get to choose the situations or event we will encounter. But we can always persevere, and embrace it!


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