Law of the Compass

I have been reading  “ The 17 Indisputable Irrefutable laws of  teamwork leadership” by John C Maxwell. The book is about the essential principles of team building that are necessary for success, in your business, organization and workplace. I wasn’t planning to post anything about this book until I finished it. However, I felt the urge to talk about one of the chapters  of the book + a snippet in my life. So I was like why not! Let’s go!


Law of the Compass

Where are you heading? Do you have a destination?

In the chapter,  Maxwell highlights the importance of vision, the power it holds to progress a company and how a team leader or a member with a vision can move or lead a team to success.  Maxwell back up his notion by mentioning big companies such as IBM and Starbucks, and discussed how a vision can turn around a situation and significantly impact a company/ team. In addition Maxwell, provides different strategies and principles to follow to ensure your compass is leading you in the right direction.

That is a very brief summary of the chapter. I will further discuss the principles in another blog, dedicated just for the book.

This brings me to the main reason I made this post. I like this particular chapter of the book, not just because its vital to a company or a team, but how applicable it is in a person’s life. I believe that having a compass or a vision can substantially alter the way you walk your life. Which is something I experienced personally, and something I would like to share.

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I was a big child!

As a young boy, no one ever taught me how to dream, I never knew what direction I should take, what things will harm me or what medicine will help me. Nor how dangerous silence can be. My back was turned against the world,  numb and colorless. I wandered aimlessly, without a mission, just a big fat dumpling. Time, money, value, friends none of that matter to me when I was young. All that I needed was a computer, and I was set, spending day, weeks and months on the computer, I was happy and content. I had no compass to follow, nor a vision to cast.

It wasn’t until the age 15 that there was a point where life gave me a healthy but painful dose of reality. It was the first time I hit the wall, the first ever time my shell cracked (puberty probs 😉 ).  It was during my first year in Australia between 2009-2010. For the first ever time in my life, I felt that I have to be someone. I had the urge to belong somewhere, somehow.


That was when I acquired  my first compass; it was a very foggy, uncertain, and unpredictable one, but it was the start of my personal walk in life. From that time onwards, I was hit by waves of emotions, slapped by reality and consumed by thoughts. I felt happiness, which before was something I only reap in my virtual world and games. I lost friends and gain friends; I broke relationships,  I felt loneliness, rejection, sadness. I felt valued and loved which was something I never experienced. I learnt to give, to appreciate, to look, to forgive but most importantly I learnt to love. I discovered faith, religion, hope, perception. I gained knowledge and experiences. I found a purpose,  a dream, a goal.

Those were the small bumps and treasures I obtained along the way, I am still in the cycle of life,  I will fall more and learn more, I am sure. But these are the fragments that contributed to the making of the compass I am following now, each piece helped me refine my compass, my vision. The once foggy road I took is now clearing up, I still cannot see what’s at the end of the horizon or how rocky or smooth the way will be. But I do know that I have to keep going. I need to move, push and smile, and as I strumbled and  get swayed away by life; I will stand firm.  Because I have a dream to pursue, a compass to follow that will be refined as I move forward.

History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are but, more importantly, what they must be. –JohnHenrik Clarke

Now I would like to encourage everyone if I may, to pick up that compass, to polish and follow it once more. And if you haven’t found your compass, keep searching, search the deepest oceans, your morals, religion, beliefs, nature, friends, dreams, environment, relationships, or life. Experiment, combine, try, learn and repeat until you obtain a path, a direction.  Let it be a journey!

Thank you once again for dropping by! I apologize if I wrongly structure my post, or if some parts are too confusing. As for what specific vision/compass I am following now, I will talk about it in another post. Thanks! And as always, feedbacks and comments are welcome!

Hope you are all having a fantastic month so far!

IMG_6587The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -Laot Tzu

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4 thoughts on “Law of the Compass

  1. Just a note…. your book is actually called “21 irrefutable laws of Leadership”
    It is a good read. Also when you are done with this one, you should read “The 5 level of Leadership” Also by John C. Maxwell. It takes the book you are reading now a step further…

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