Beginning of a new adventure

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Life is a beautiful gift that is given to us; it has various forms and taste; it may start sweet and grow extremely bitter towards the end. It is full of surprises, unexpected events and dramas. But the best thing about life, is that we have a total control of it. From choosing what to eat,  clothes to wear and to making decisions that can significantly change your life to right or wrong. Amazing isn’t it?my main  point is that, we are provided with an enormous empty book and a pen.  And for you as an individual , it is your choice to  choose if you want to write, draw, paint or completely ignore the book. However, you and only you have the power and the right to decide that, and nobody can take that away from you.  Having said that, I wish to share you all what I chose to write in my book and the journey that lies along the road. With a purpose to  put a smile, or a add any value to anyone that will stop by and read my blog. I wish to encourage you with my words and delight your soul with my adventure. For accomplishing this sole purpose alone, will bring great joy to me, a happiness that can be compared to a kid getting his first ever gift or getting top marks in a subject. Except I won’t only get this feeling for the first person that I will be able to encourage or smile but for every single time I manage to do so. I will cherish and delight.


So who am I?

      Briane is the name. I am a young adult, currently studying in a university. I grew up in the Philippines but came to Australia around 2009, so I’ve been here for like 5 years (and yet I still have a thick ass accent , which is sad! trust me.). Anyway, a little story about me, I grew up as a massive introvert! I was socially awkward, shy, self-conscious, a negative thinker, always felt hopeless, had zero self-confidence… and well you know the rest. From the moment I learnt how to think until the age of 18; I was constantly self-destructive and I just hid from everyone. However, after a certain event two years ago and help from someone, my life started to change. A dormant passion was awakening, and my life fulfilling mission begun. Though it may sound good or cliche, life didn’t give me a smooth road to walk on. Life had its upward trends where I felt full of encouragement, motivation and love but it also sent me spiralling down due to bad decisions, discouragements, issues, dramas and HUGE MISTAKES.. But hey, every event was indeed something to appreciate as every single one contributed to my growth, which has lead me to start a blog.  That’s all about me for now, I know it might sound boring, but I hope you stick by to read my future posts and hope to we get to know more about each other in the future

Why start a blog?

    The main reason for starting this blog is to share my ideas”, thoughts, life changing experiences, life, opinions, strategies, tips and everything that I will find useful for anyone generally. One of the things I discovered throughout the hardships, and love I received, is a burning passion for helping people, especially youth that are going through a lot of things in their life.  I believe that everything that I learnt and experienced throughout my life, are things I can package and  use to inspire, motivate or help someone. Though I may only be able to help a pinch, it’s still worth a shot.

    Another reason is because I always wanted to start a blog and to share my voice, but I never had enough confidence in my skill, with my English/grammar even. I also  doubted myself, my knowledge and always told myself I am never interesting enough. So for a change, I wanna take the chance and go for a venture. So wish me luck in this endeavour : ).

What type of contents should you expect?

   To be honest, it will be a blog about everything haha, it will vary from lifestyle, foods, restaurant reviews, to books, to adventures, experience sharing, lessons I learnt and life. Like I mentioned in the beginning, my main idea and goal is to be able to post things that can add value to any individual. May it be about food, a book, a movie, a quote or anything that I know that can or may delight a person’s soul. So expect random things to pop in my blog page. Like every blogger ,I want to be able to post as often as possible. But for now while I am still learning the ropes about blogging I cannot set a specific day or time when I will post. However, I promise to post at least two to three times a month.

   To wrap it up, I hope that from now on, until the end of my blogging life. I will be able to inspire a person or help a soul. One is a lot compared to nothing. Yes, I do know that myfuture post may be inappropriate, unconvincing,  against your belief  and b.s in your mind. But please if you do think so, tell me, leave me constructive feedback and comments : ). I am happy to hear feedback and your opinions as it will be very beneficial for me and will help my growth . Like  Ken Blanchard said Feedback is the breakfast for champions” ;). Overall, I look forward to seeing what the future holds and the amazing experiences and teachings life will offer, So that I may be able to share them not to boast, but to help and spread the abundant love that I have and will receive throughout my life.

  Thank you very much for reading!  Lets all work together and bring a smile to everyone. Have a marvelous day! 😀

-Briane Rsoul-delight cards


2 thoughts on “Beginning of a new adventure

  1. Amazing start to your blogging life. I am looking forward to reading your ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

    Can’t wait for your next post.


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